Investor Relations

  I am 48, a happily married man with a pretty large family. In 2004 I had a fatal wreck that almost took my life with an eighteen wheeler while working as a Maintenance Tech Supervisor. I was off from work for 8 months. I went back to work but my injuries were so bad that I ended up loosing my job. So I was unemployed for several years. Later had to have my left leg amputated and I ended up on disability. Today I am working for Clayton Supply a Clayton Homes Company; as a Maintenance Supervisor.

 As I was a Network Marketer for 7 years between other careers; I am a well minded person that takes in on what people want and what would be beneficial to the public. I have been in the electrical industry for over 22 years; as a business owner or a foreman for large contracting companies. I have engineered the electrical on small to large jobs. I also have been in the maintenance field for manufacturing plants as a Maintenance Tech Supervisor for some of the larger companies for over 10 years.

 My proposal is that I need an investor as a partner in one or both of my inventions that I have designed. But I lack the funds to bring them to life. One is for the electrical industry and the other is for the hand tool industry; for maintenance, mechanics and such. As far as I have searched on my own there are none like my products. The one for the electrical industry would take the industry by storm and will be on demand for its daily use. The other would take the hand tool industry by storm also and used everyday. The initial investment is for the patenting of one or both products; to sell of license out. I currently have one product information in Miami at a patent company where it is protected. They also would give us overall statics on the products But the amount needed is more than I can afford right now. Both ideas have been designed before I became an employee of Clayton Supply. Now company or anyone has any rights to these ideas or designs. I am offering a pretty good percentage for a partner that is willing to help me bring one or both fine products to life for the world. Both of these products will be on demand for an everyday use.

   If we decide to go into manufacturing one or both, I have been researching manufacturers for the best rates plus I have researched it if we did it on our own. Different options.

  If we decide to license one or both out, the company in Miami that would help us fine the best licensee.

 If we can agree to disagree we can meet and I can go over the details of one or both products and the initial investment of becoming my business partner and part owner of these 2 great products. Of course you would be asked to sign a document that will protect me and my product from piracy.

  I thank you for your undivided attention and I look forward meeting with you.


 Best Regards;

 Glenn Holland